Cheek Pieces

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Get Leather Bridle Parts separately, no need to buy a new bridle if you lost your cheek pieces for a bridle.

Horse Cheek Pieces are bridle components connecting the bit to the headpiece, essential for guiding the bit, control, and communication between rider and horse. Horses wear cheekpieces for vital support and control, guiding the bit and facilitating communication between rider and horse. 

At Bridles & Reins, you can buy horse bridle Cheek Pieces with Hooks, Cheek Pieces with Buckles, Gag Cheek Pieces & Rope Cheek Pieces. You can also get them in matching/contrast stitching to match your bridle. The bridle cheek pieces for horses are available in 4 different sizes - Full / Cob / Pony / Over and can be used on a snaffle bit.