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A horse Halter or Headcollar is the headgear for the animal. It is used to lead the horse while walking around and not riding it. It is generally worn when the horse is in the stables.

Horse Halters are basically made up of two materials - Leather and Nylon. It makes no difference in its use. Both are equally durable. Leather Horse Halters impart a more classic and traditional look. Nylon Halters can be made in different colours for showing purposes and therefore are also known as Show Halters.

At Bridles & Reins, you will find the best Halters for Horses that are being widely used in the Riding Industry. Our best-selling Halter - Triple Stitched Fancy Padded Horse Halter is known for its extra durability and comfort.

If you need any help in choosing the right halter or want to get any customization you can contact us here.

Note: We have renamed the Royal brand to ExionPro. ExionPro Tack provides much better quality at a better price point to the customer.