ExionPro 13mm Wide Replacement Cheek Piece With Hook Fastening-Cheek Pieces-Bridles & Reins

ExionPro Bridle Cheek Pieces With Hook Fastening - Matching Stitching

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SKU: Exion VT-9007-SS-Black-Full

Width: 13 mm // 4/8" inch

Width: 13 mm // 4/8" inch
13 mm // 4/8" inch
16 mm // 5/8" inch

Leather Color: Black

Leather Color: Black
Havana (Choco Brown)
Oak Brown (Reddish Brown)

Size: Horse (Full Size)

Size: Horse (Full Size)
Horse (Full Size)
Cob (Medium Size)
Warm Blood (Over Size)
Pony (Small Size)
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ExionPro Replacement Bridle Cheek Pieces With Hook Fastening - Matching Stitching


  • WIDTH: 13mm // 4/8" or 16mm // 5/8" 
  • SIZE: Horse (Full) / Cob (Medium) / Pony (Small) / Warmblood (Over)
  • FASTENING: Hook Fastening
  • COLOUR: Black / Brown Leather
  • STITCHING: Matching Stitching
  • HARDWARE: Stainless Steel Bridle Buckles
  • QUANTITY: Sold as a pair only


Item code # 9007 & 9008


Crafted from premium vegetable-tanned leather, our cheekpieces exude exceptional quality, offering a luxurious feel and timeless charm.

Available in two widths, 4/8" and 5/8", catering to diverse rider preferences. To ensure a perfect fit, check your crownpiece strap width before ordering.

Featuring robust stainless steel hardware, these cheekpieces withstand the rigours of equestrian life, providing a secure and durable connection. The bridle buckles not only secure the fit but also add a touch of sophistication to your horse's tack ensemble.

If you need cheek pieces for different qualities of leather, please contact us and we will send you a custom invoice accordingly. 
Size Guide

Cheek Pieces


We offer all the cheek pieces you will need for your horse bridle. Ranging from 13mm cheek pieces to 16mm cheek pieces for both bridles and double bridles and variations like: 


    How to measure your Cheek Pieces?


    To measure your cheek piece, you need to begin from one end (A1) of the cheek piece to the other end (A2) as shown in the image below. The rope cheek pieces can be measured the same way from A1 to the start of the ring. 

    The width of the cheek piece can be measured as shown by B1 & B2

    How to measure your bridle cheek piece?

    Size Chart


    All the sizes of any kind of cheek piece can be found in the image below.


    Size Chart for Horse Bridle Cheek Pieces - 13mm/4/8" & 16mm/5/8" cheek pieces


    Visit the ExionPro Cheek Pieces Collection.


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