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Size Charts

The Size Charts given below are of the standard measurements. If you think the products are small, or too big, you can have the Tack Made according to your Custom Sizes. Just mention the size change you want in the seller's note area at the checkout and your customization will be taken care of. Sit back and relax!!

Size Chart For Traditional  Bridles;

Traditional Bridles

Size Chart For Six Fancy Halters; 

Size Chart Of Six Fancy Halters.

Size Chart For Dressage  Bridles; 

Size Chart For Dressage  Bridle.

 Size Chart For Mexican Bridles;  

Size Chart For Mexican Bridles.

       Size Chart For Halters;

Size Chart of Halters.

Size Chart For Fur Breast Plates;


Size Chart For Belly Stud Guard Girth;



Size Chart For Royal Padded Hunter Bridle With PP Rubber Reins.