Padding for Girths

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 Padded Girths are a centre of attraction in the entire family of tacks. Apart from its beauty and appearance, it is no less than a boon for the horse in the terms of comfort. We, at Bridles & Reins, have included Girths with Leather Padding as well as Sheepskin Padding for our esteemed customers worldwide and we now offer Replacement Sheepskin Paddings for your girths as well.

Be it a Short Stud Guard Girth, a Dressage Girth or an Overlay Girth, you will find padding for all kinds of girths for horses here. 

It is always encouraged to purchase loose padding along with the girth. Customers who already own a sheepskin girth can save a lot by purchasing just the replacement sheepskin padding and renewing their old tack instead of purchasing a whole new girth.

**This is a new product and is not compatible with the older girths. If you are doubtful about the compatibility of the product with your girth. Feel free to contact us and we will help you out!**

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