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Purpose of Martingale?

Horse Martingale is used to limit the height to which the horse can raise its head. If the horse raises its head high enough then it can hit the rider's face which can sometimes be dangerous. To avoid this situation, the martingale worn by the horse will put pressure on the horse's head making it impossible to raise its head. 

Horse Martingales can be divided into two major types - Running Horse Martingale and Standing Horse Martingale both having their specific purpose. Running Martingale has two Y-shaped "forks" having Rings at the end through which the reins pass whereas Standing Martingale just has a single strap with a loop through which the noseband passes. Running Martingale gives much more freedom to the Horse therefore it is used in Horse Riding.

At Bridles & Reins, you will find both kinds of Horse Martingales. They are made from four different types of leather shades- Black, Havana (Choco Brown), Oak Brown(Reddish Brown) and Conker (Tan Brown). You can also choose Martingale according to your Horse Height - Warmblood (Over), Horse (Full), Medium (Cob) or Small (Pony). All ExionPro Horse Martingales are crafted with Elite Quality English Leather to make sure they last long.

If you need any help in choosing the right martingale for your horse, you can refer to the size charts given here or you can leave us a message. Contact Us.

Note- Royal Tacks are now ExionPro.