ExionPro Rope Gag Cheek Pieces

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SKU: Exion VT-6006-Black

Leather Color: Black

Leather Color: Black
Havana (Choco Brown)
Oak Brown (Reddish Brown)
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ExionPro Rope Gag Cheek Pieces


  • WIDTH: 13mm // 4/8"  
  • SIZE: Standard Horse Size
  • COLOUR: Black / Brown Leather
  • STITCHING: Matching Stitching
  • HARDWARE: Stainless Steel Bridle Buckles
  • QUANTITY: Sold as a pair only


Item code # 6006 


The gag cheeks enhance control over your horse's head movements, ensuring a responsive and well-guided riding experience.

Made from premium materials, our leather gag cheek pieces are built to withstand the demands of daily riding. The durable nylon rope ensures longevity, while the sturdy fittings guarantee reliability.

Attach them once and all set! The Chicago screws on the top unscrew easily, allowing you to thread them through the rings of the bit. Once in place, simply fasten them again, leaving them securely attached for future use.

Rope cheek pieces are specifically related to the gag/cheltenham bit and are also called cheltenham gag rope cheek pieces. They play a vital role in controlling the horse's head and facilitating communication between the rider and the horse.

A gag bit is a type of horse bit that includes a set of rope gag straps that run through the bit rings and attach to the bridle in a way that provides additional leverage. Explore the control, communication, and style that this rope gag horse accessory brings to your rides.

Upgrade your horse's bridle with our exceptional Rope Gag Cheek Pieces, designed to enhance control and communication during rides. Experience the difference in using quality rope gag straps and running gag cheek pieces for optimal performance.

Size Guide

Cheek Pieces


We offer all the cheek pieces you will need for your horse bridle. Ranging from 13mm cheek pieces to 16mm cheek pieces for both bridles and double bridles and variations like: 


    How to measure your Cheek Pieces?


    To measure your cheek piece, you need to begin from one end (A1) of the cheek piece to the other end (A2) as shown in the image below. The rope cheek pieces can be measured the same way from A1 to the start of the ring. 

    The width of the cheek piece can be measured as shown by B1 & B2

    How to measure your bridle cheek piece?

    Size Chart


    All the sizes of any kind of cheek piece can be found in the image below.


    Size Chart for Horse Bridle Cheek Pieces - 13mm/4/8" & 16mm/5/8" cheek pieces


    Visit the ExionPro Cheek Pieces Collection.


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