Sponsorship/Affiliate Program

Become a PRO Rider


With the passage of time, Bridles & Reins has unfurled its wings in the horse riding world and earned numerous happy customers. We have achieved many milestones and become a major player in the industry. As a result of this growth, we have decided to launch a new Affiliate Program.

You get rewarded for referring your friends & family to us. All you need to do is promote our products on your socials and tell them about our services, and if they use your coupon to place an order, then you will get paid! You just need to sign-up once and get paid monthly.


Our Motto


At Bridles & Reins, we believe that every rider can make an impact on someone. Our mission is to make the equestrian community a more positive and helpful place. To encourage a growing number of aspiring horse riders, as well as to create a loving and healthy relationship between horses and their riders. It doesn't matter if you don't have a large social media following; you can make a difference at your local barn, which is why we have designed a program that is appropriate for everyone.

Even you, as one of our customers, can join the program and make money simply by purchasing and promoting our items!

We think that with the mutual support and a long-term partnership with our partners, we can achieve great things, and our new Affiliate Program will enable you to share the success of Bridles & Reins. It's a win-win situation for eager riders and equestrians who may join our team and earn money on a regular basis.

Why should you apply?


1. Earn some extra income monthly while doing what you love

2. Become a part of a movement and help us create a healthy equestrian community

3. To show your love for us!

4. And lastly, to make your mom and your horse proud!


What will you do?


With the program our goal is to foster a relationship that mutually benefits both the parties.

1. As soon as you are assigned as a rider, you will receive a code and some products for promotion on your socials

2. You will then create good quality content (Tiktoks, Reels, Social Media Posts and much more) promoting our products. We shall leave that part to you as not to bound your creativity.

3. As soon as the orders start coming in and people start using your code, you will receive monthly payments for all the orders brought in by you each month.

You will also receive personal discounts / gifts for time to time depending upon your performance.


How to apply?


We have structured the program into Ranks / Levels to make it accessible to everyone. Each level has its own set of advantages and requirements. We also provided a loyalty program through which you can earn discounts without having to become an affiliate.


In order to apply for the program, each rider must complete the affiliate form. Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed, and we will decide whether or not to approve your application.

Following the examination of your application and appointment as a PRO Rider, you will be assigned to one of the Rank depending upon your qualifications. After that, based on your performance and contributions, you are always able to move up the levels. Your performance will be constantly measured and based on the performance metric you will be eligible to move up the levels.

At first all new affiliates will be assigned to the Micro Level Influencer Discount which means you will have to pay 50% of the value of the products you receive. With the advancement of time and our relationship, you will climb up the ladder very easily. Any Micro Level Influencer is also eligible to move up the levels depending on their performance regardless of their social followers. 

A personal discount coupon and another coupon code will be provided to you to promote on your socials. You will receive all the media and support required for the promotion of the products. We will also have the rights to all the media that you post on your socials to use for promotion and advertising purposes. 

To become a PRO Rider today, Click here