Branded Tack


At Bridles & Reins, we are constantly looking to expand our distributorship both physically and online. If you are already a Tack Retailer, or want to start an Equine Business, we welcome you to join hands with us.


Stockist Model 


Now, becoming a Retailer is too easy. Benefits:

  • No Sign-Up Cost Involved: Yes, it’s free. You do not need to go through any legalities or pay any boarding fees. We will take care of everything. Just sign-up and you are good to go.
  • High Margins: With your Reseller Account you will be able to get up to 50% margin of the MSRP.
  • No MOQ Per Style: Order as much as you need.
  • Low Cost Investment: Only condition levied upon you will be minimum order price. Every order must greater than $500 USD. (After Discount).
  • Shipping: FedEx Priority Shipping/DHL Express Shipping giving you fast delivery all over the globe.
  • Priority Customer Support: If you have any query, we are always there to help you out!
  • No Inventory Worries: You don’t need to have huge product inventory to get started. We ship as soon as possible.
  • Full Benefit of our Brand Presence: By associating with us, you will have a running market of ExionPro tacks which are very popular and demanding in horse riding community.
  • No fuss involved: You place your order, we ship them.
  • Exclusivity: It will be taken care of to not have any two or more retailers in the same region. 

    With Bridles & Reins, you can start as an equine seller just with an initial investment of 500 USD. Become our retailer by enrolling yourself as our Reseller and avail premium facilities like huge discount and discounted shipping charges.


    Drop-shipping Model


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      • Margins: With this model you will be able to get a 40% margin of the MSRP.
      • No MOQ required
      • Shipping: Each order is shipped via FedEx Priority Shipping/DHL Express Shipping giving you fast delivery all over the globe.


      To start a mutual relationship with us, fill this form and get started.


      Unbranded Tack/ Your Brand Tack


      If you are looking for unbranded tack or tack of your brand, click here.