Royal Glossy Leather Diamonds & Braided Bridle with Reins

Havana (Choco Brown)

Royal Glossy Leather Diamonds & Braided Bridle with Reins.

Item code # 1125;

Designed & Sculptured with full-fledged Superfine Patent glossy leather with in precision stitching on the entire specimen which magnifies strength and masculine looks. Glistening crystal tiny diamonds studded on brow band makes the appearance stunning with precised square raised nose band having contrast shaded leather intertwining.

Royal Diamond Brow band features decorative brow bands to add sparkle to your everyday riding experience. It appears not only classic and traditional but also exhibits a majestic looks.

It is a prime quality unique product with monochromatic head piece. This head piece releases maximum pressure from the neck of the animal. Besides, it appears very eye catchy and adorable.

Soft padding is the most unique and distinct quality of this bridle. Soft & cozy padding on head piece and nose band, this bridle becomes animal friendly & above all, a comfortable buckle guard on nose band & flash is provided to avoid any kind of pinching and itching to the animal and enhances the comfort level.

This is a very rich quality product crafted with premier Patent Leather, which is both soft and supple to ensure flexibility and to provide your horse with maximum comfort. The glossy, smooth leather has been varnished on the surface or covered with a shiny, glassy film and found at our brow bands, bridles and snaffles.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of Buckles for long lasting results.

Every rider who will go through such a magnificent piece of art especially prepared with hands and extreme degree of manual attention, strive to grab it to make his/her animal look extraordinary.