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Overlay Girth

Horse Girth (tack), also called cinch, is a very crucial piece of equipment used in Horse Riding. Girth is used to keep the saddle in place while riding. They have buckles on the sides by which it gets fastened to the billet straps of the English Saddle. Girths prevent the saddle from slipping off the Horse.

There are many types of English Girths used in Horse Riding Discipline

  • Dressage Girth
  • Stud Guard Girth (also called Belly Guard Girth)
  • Over Girth

Dressage girth, used for Dressage, is generally shorter in size than usual girths.

Over Girth completely encircles the Horse Belly and is used in Horse Racing, Eventing and Polo events.

Belly Guard or Stud Guard Girth, used in hunters and jumpers, is used to prevent the horse belly from being stabbed by Horseshoe Studs.

Bridles & Reins is the premier place for English Riders to get their Leather Girths. Our catalogue consists of Dressage Girths, Over Girths, Stud Guard Girths, and Belly Pad Girths. 

You will get to choose from 7 different Elastic options and four types of Leather Shades to choose from - Black, Havana (Choco Brown), Oak Brown (Reddish Brown) and Conker (Tan Brown). Plus, riders also have the option to choose from Leather Padding or Sheepskin Padding fleece girths for Super Comfort of the Horse. All our girths are designed with keeping the comfort of both the rider and horse. This is why all ExionPro Girths provide better shoulder relief than other girths in the equestrian community. 

You can also get Replacement / Extra Paddings for girths now! 

Note: Now Royal Girths are known as ExionPro Girths. We have relaunched the Royal brand as ExionPro under which we have taken special consideration for superior leather quality at a much more affordable price range.