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The headpiece or more commonly known as the crownpiece is a unique and in fact the most important part of horse bridles. At Bridles & Reins, we have launched a new series of headpieces of bridles for our customers.

We provide different types of headpieces for horse bridles such as an Anatomical Crownpiece, Anti-pressure Crownpiece and many more.

The purpose of launching this gear is in the best interest of our customers, customers do not need to worry about the bridle which can be used for a long and just keep replacing the crown piece in their older bridles thereby saving them a lot of money.

On purchasing the extra headpiece, one gets a complete set of a crownpiece, a throat latch and a pair of cheekpieces. Customers have the advantage to get this extra headpiece at the time of purchase of your bridle as an extra pair or customers who already own a bridle can save a lot by purchasing just a replacement headpiece and renewing their old tack instead of purchasing a whole new bridle.

Purchasing a headpiece elsewhere doesn't provide the exact fitting and the horse will also suffer the comfort of the original gear. It is recommended to all the horse riders who are our loyal customers, to purchase the concerned crownpiece from our tack store only in case they are looking for an extra piece along with their bridle.