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What are Horse Browbands? 

Browbands are an integral part of a Horse Bridle. A browband runs through the crown piece of the bridle. It helps in preventing the bridle from sliding at the back of the poll towards the upper area of the neck. Additionally, it holds all the headstalls collectively when a noseband is added. In addition to this, some horse riders use bling browbands to decorate their bridles.

Types of Browbands?

There are various different types of browbands on the market including Bling Browbands, Dressage Browbands, Fancy Browbands, Sparkly Browbands and Diamond Browbands, U-shaped Browbands, V-Shaped Browbands, and Curved Browbands, Padded browbands and Non-Padded Browbands. 

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