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Bridles & Reins is your perfect English Tack Shop to get all types of Horse Bridles for all English Riding Disciplines- Dressage, Show Jumping, and Hunter. Here, you will find all types of English Bridles- Anatomical Dressage Bridles, Fancy Hunter Bridles, Figure-8 Bridles or Bitless.

Our customers can choose from colours and sizes to which type of Fitting they want in their Bridle. Our Horse Bridles come in four different types of leather shades- Black, Havana (Choco Brown), Oak Brown (Reddish Brown), Conker (Tan Brown) and in all sizes-Warm blood (Over), Horse (Full), Medium (Cob) and Small(Pony). You can refer to our size chart to ensure fits perfectly. Click here to see the Bridles Size Chart.

You can also shop for Bridle Replacement Crownpieces and Nosebands now!

Our industry-leading Royal Brand is now "ExionPro". You will now get much better quality and affordable prices.