ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Rubberized Reins-Reins-Bridles & Reins

ExionPro Rubberized Reins

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SKU: Exion VT-5012-SS-Black-Pony

Leather Quality: Vegetable Tanned Leather

Leather Quality: Vegetable Tanned Leather
Buffalo Leather (Beginner Rider)
Vegetable Tanned Leather
Italian English Leather

Leather Color: Black

Leather Color: Black
Havana (Choco Brown)
Oak Brown (Reddish Brown)

Size: Pony (Small Size)

Size: Pony (Small Size)
Pony (Small Size)
Horse (Full Size)
Cob (Medium Size)
Warm Blood (Over Size)
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ExionPro Rubberized Reins


  • WIDTH: 5/8" or 16mm wide
  • HARDWARE: Stainless Steel Hardware
  • STOPPERS: 7 Hand Stoppers & Martingale Stoppers 
  • LEATHER: Vegetable Tanned Leather/Pre-Oiled Vegetable Tanned Leather/Italian English Leather 
  • COLOUR: Black/Brown
  • SIZES: Warmblood/Over, Standard/Full, Medium/Cob, Small/Pony


Item code # 5012


A perfect amalgamation of rubber infused along with web (textile) material to impart utmost strength with the ultimate degree of stylishness. Thin precisely stitched ropes of rubber are interwoven with web material in this distinct product so as to make it safe, secure, and elegant. On the appearance front, such types of reins rocks. It comes with Martingale Stoppers and hand stops to avoid any kind of slipping from the hands of the rider.

Special Rubber infused with Web combination Reins in 16 mm fine leather will enhance the experience of one who loves web reins as these are soft, flexible, and textured that making them strong and durable.

This is a very rich quality product crafted with elite quality Vegetable tanned drum dyed leather, which is the best and foremost used in the Asian Continent and delivers a smooth finish along with attractive looks for schooling purposes and horse show rings.

Each stitch is precisely sewn with heavy-duty cotton threads that are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality buckles for long-lasting results.

Size Guide



Our comprehensive range of reins, caters to diverse preferences & disciplines, including Laced Hunter Reins used in the US or Rubber-Lined Hunter Reins used in Europe, and additional choices with variants like


How to measure your reins?


To measure your horse reins, you need to begin from the hole (A1) where the reins begin when assembled to the other end (A2) of the reins where the bit is attached as shown in the image below. 


How to measure your horse reins? Start from the hole to the end where bit is attached

Size Chart


Almost of our reins are 5/8" wide except the curb reins which are 4/8" wide. You can also get them customised to be thinner or wider according to your liking. 

All the sizes for any type of reins can be found in the image below.


Draft Sized Reins - 57" / Horse Sized Reins - 54" / Cob Sized Reins - 51" / Pony Sized Reins - 48"


Visit the ExionPro Reins Collection.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tayler Ruygrok

ExionPro Rubberized Reins


Great leathers. Happy

Chestnut Horse
ExionPro Rubberized Reins

Excellent reins! Grippy and the leather stops are more frequent compared to normal reins providing greater adjustability. Love these reins!


Very nice product!

Jeanine McAnaney
I love these reins!!

I have always ridden in laced reins, but with many event riders at my barn, I’ve tried their rubber reins and decided to order some for myself. These are a great product, excellent quality and they feel good in my hands. My new favorite.


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