How to measure your ExionPro Bridle Cheek Pieces?

Cheek Pieces


We offer all the cheek pieces you will need for your horse bridle. Ranging from 13mm cheek pieces to 16mm cheek pieces for both bridles and double bridles and variations like: 


    How to measure your Cheek Pieces?


    To measure your cheek piece, you need to begin from one end (A1) of the cheek piece to the other end (A2) as shown in the image below. The rope cheek pieces can be measured the same way from A1 to the start of the ring. 

    The width of the cheek piece can be measured as shown by B1 & B2

    How to measure your bridle cheek piece?

    Size Chart


    All the sizes of any kind of cheek piece can be found in the image below.


    Size Chart for Horse Bridle Cheek Pieces - 13mm/4/8" & 16mm/5/8" cheek pieces


    Visit the ExionPro Cheek Pieces Collection.