How to measure your ExionPro Girths?



The ExionPro Girths are divided into 3 main categories primilarly:

There are further variations in them based upon the colour of elastic, the anatomic shapes & design of the girth. 


Types of Girths


Shapes of Girths available at horse bridles & reins. Dressage Girths, Overlay Girths & Belly Guard Girths


How to measure your Girths?


All the 3 types of Girths are to be measured from the middle of the lower buckle beginning from one end (A1) to the other end (A2) as shown in the image. 

How to measure your horse girth/cinch?


Size Charts


The girths come in different sizes with a difference of 5 cm in each girth allowing you to find the perfect fit for your horse.  

The sizes available for each girth depend upon the Type of the Girth. Please allow sizing tolerance of 1 cm.


1. Sizes for Dressage Girths


Size Chart for dressage leather horse girths/cinch. Sizes for girth in cm


2. Sizes for Overlay & Stud Guard Girths


Sizes for Overlay, Belly Guard Girths & Stud Guard Girths. Sizes in cm


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