How to measure your ExionPro Browbands?



We have a huge variety of browbands like


Shapes of Browbands


The ExionPro Browbands come in 3 different shapes (Straight Browbands, Curved Browbands & V-Shape/Icelandic Browbands) as shown in the image below. 

Shapes of browbands. Straight browband. Curved Browband. V-Shape/Icelandic Browbands

How to measure your browband? 


To measure your horse browband, you need to begin from one end (A1) of the browband to the other end (A2) as shown in the image below. 

How to measure your leather horse browband?


Size Chart


 All the sizes of any kind of browband can be found in the image below.


Size Chart for diamante/leather horse browbands. Size for horse, warmblood, thouroghbred horses


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