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Best Bridle Ever

This is the only bridle my horses will wear. Buttery soft right out of the bag, great quality, perfect fit, can’t go wrong.

Stunning Bling

Repeat customer and as always superb quality - I never buy my gear from any other place! I am super impressed with the extremely fast delivery- quicker than posting something interstate🤣

Love this breastplate. Easily adjustable and the fleece hasn’t locked up like most of them do, still fluffy and soft!!

Clincher Studded Head Collar

Lovely Head Collar and very good service. Would recommend to a friend

Gorgeous great quality bridle as an alternative for more expensive branded bridles.

Great bridle

And excellent service.

Great bridle, beautiful color!

Excellent quality. Greater than or equal to other similar products. (Had to get another to match my new bridle). Nice refresh of tack.

Love these bridles. Had my other one for 7 years and minimal west and tear (even after my negligence and abuse of it). I still use it 4-5 times per week and only ordered another just because and for showing.

Soft, Pliable, Beautiful Bridle

Very happy with my ExionPro Bridle. Leather is soft and supple, and the quality is great for the price. Would recommend!

Great quality!

love how soft the leather is. they could make the noseband and throatlatch a bit bigger but other than that i’m in love

Excellent quality and fit.

I was very pleased with the design, fit, softness and quality of the leather of this bridle. A really great buy for a reasonable price.

Just what I needed for Halloween

Very pretty, and small stones…

Best Quality!

The leather was so supple and soft I didn't even have to oil before I used it. Absolutely obsessed with the quality and price of the product. Definitely will be buying again

Fits great, my horse seems very comfortable

My horse is a rather big complainer when some thing bothers him. He seems pretty happy with this press plate. Great buy!

very nice for the price (compared to everywhere else) … a show quality … ill prob get another one. the only problem is plan to wait at least two weeks to get it

this bridle ended up being s pleasant show quality surprise. the raised area is a different color leather on brow & noseband so its very unusual, artistic & pretty. i got several compliments at a big a show (which is usually so conservative & boring)

It is absolutely beautiful! Looks amazing on my standard poodle!