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ExionPro Silver Snaffle Padded Leather Dog Collar - Sky Blue Padding

ExionPro Silver Snaffle Padded Leather Dog Collar - Sky Blue Padding

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  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP: Made with FULL GRAIN NATURALLY TANNED Genuine Leather. No harsh chemicals or dyes are used. 100% Quality Leather is employed to prepare the Finest Specimen of this segment.
  • SOFT COLORED PADDING: This dog collar is designed with your dog's comfort in mind. Beautiful Two Tone Color will make your Pet stand apart from the rest. Padding is Skin Friendly to avoid any irritation and color will not fade away as rest of the Dog Collars. 
  • RELEASE PRESSURE FROM DOG's NECK: Our D-Ring is placed near the buckle. This special placement of D Ring removes the choking pressure which is applied when you pull the leash. Leash-pulling is an epidemic that in many cases can lead to frustration-based aggression and sometimes even physical damage to the dog’s neck.
  • PREMIUM HARDWARE: We use the best available Quality Stainless Steel Roller Buckle hardware for easy buckling and Strong Heavy-Duty D Ring is provided for easy attachment of Dog Leash and ID Tags. Military and Law Enforcement grade quality is employed for even the most active dogs. Won't snap like plastic buckles.
  • SIZING: Please measure the exact size of your dog`s neck and add 2 fingers space to allow comfortable wearing and then compare to the size chart to find the most suitable size for your dog. Width of the Dog Collar is 1".

Available in Multiple Padding Colors - Blue, Conker, Havana (Dark Brown), Pink, Sky Blue, White, Beige and Oak Brown.

Available for Full Range of Dog Size - X-Small (XS), Small, Medium, Large and X-Large (XL).


    ExionPro Snaffle Padded Leather Dog Collar is made from 100% Genuine Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather. The Leather used is of the foremost quality. It gives superior strength and durability which makes these dog collars perfect for Active and Large Dogs.

    ExionPro Dog Collar is made for everyday full-time use- sitting, walking, running or hiking. The use of extremely soft rubber padding makes the dog feel ultra-comfortable and light. We guarantee your pet will love the cushioning.

    This specially designed Dog Collar has the ability to take the pressure off from Dog's Neck during Leash Pulling. The D-Ring's placement is alongside the buckle which removes the pressure off the neck.

    We have used premium Hardened Stainless-Steel D-Ring which guarantees strength and will not break even when subjected to mightiest of the Dog Pull.

    They are best suited for following breeds - 

    • Labrador retrievers
    • German shepherd
    • Golden retriever
    • French bulldog
    • Bulldog
    • Beagle
    • Rottweilers
    • Pitbull

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