Different Types of Leather Tack Qualities at Bridles & Reins

We have been asked often about the different leather tack qualities in our product line and if there is any difference in their feel and touch. When it comes to real leather, the quality of the animal used and the location of where it is raised is an important distinguishing factor that makes one leather bridles better and long-lasting than the other. Coming to the varieties, we have Vegetable Tanned Leather, European Cow Leather, and the Sedgwick English Cow Leather.

Vegetable Tanned Leather (Advanced Rider)

Vegetable Tanned Leather is the Indian Buffalo Leather prepared through a drum dying vegetable tanning procedure which is a tanning process done using leaves and tree barks to treat the rawness of the leather hide. The natural items used for tanning makes it safe for you and your horse. In terms of price, it is quite affordable and the leather quality is not only pleasing but even better than the bridles sold for the same price. In comparison to the different leather tack qualities, it is the most pocket-friendly option of all three with absolutely no compromise on the quality.

European Cow Leather (Expert Rider)

European Cow Leather is an upgrade from VT leather. It is manufactured from the European demographic cows. The leather hides are imported from Europe and prepared with indigenous procedures and workmanship. It has a premium finish and excellent quality features being more affordable than the English Cow Leather at the same time. This leather is best suited for horse riders who are two or three years into their equestrian journey and want to treat themselves with something gratifying because as far as quality and feel are concerned, it is superior to the Vegetable Tanned leather.

English Cow Leather (Elite Rider)

At the top, we have English Cow Leather, imported from the world-famous Sedgwick tannery. It is our most premium leather quality used to craft the best leather tacks. We fall short of words to describe how excellent the leather finishing is and how smooth it feels. This is the one to use if you want to turn people’s heads around. We employ the best leather hides to manufacture our English Leather tacks that are simply matchless.

Which one is best for you? 

If you are a beginner equestrian, we would recommend you to go for the Vegetable Tanned Leather (Advanced Rider) since it is the best option and really under priced for its value. And later on, when you are comfortable enough, you should undoubtedly try out our premium leather qualities.

The parameters which should be kept in mind are the cost and finish. The amount of expense one can afford and the leather finish needed are the two points of consideration.

We at Bridles & Reins manufacture all our leather horse tack and products using Full / Top Grain leather only, which is the best leather you can find. We assure all our customers that we are vigilant and caring regarding our quality.