ExionPro Elegantly Carved Horse Bridle
"Effortless Quick-Change Design"
"Unmatched Style and Performance Exionpro Horse Bridle"-Bridles & Reins
"A Luxurious and Comfortable Experience of Quick Release Horse Bridle"-Bridles-Bridles & Reins
Enhance Your Riding with ExionPro English Bridle-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Elegantly Carved Horse English Bridle-Bridles & Reins
ExionProTraditionally Raised Snaffle Horse Noseband With Reins-Bridles & Reins
ExionPro Streamlined Bridling Quick Release Working Bridle With Reins

ExionPro Quick-Release Bridle With Reins

$78.00 USD $74.00 USD SAVE 5%

Leather Quality: Buffalo Leather (Beginner Rider)

Buffalo Leather (Beginner Rider)
Buffalo Leather (Beginner Rider)
Vegetable Tanned Leather
Italian English Leather

Leather Color: Havana (Choco Brown)

Havana (Choco Brown)
Havana (Choco Brown)
Oak Brown (Reddish Brown)
Conker (Tan Brown)

Size: Small (Pony Size)

Small (Pony Size)
Small (Pony Size)
Warm Blood (Over Size)
Horse (Full Size)
Medium (Cob Size)
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ExionPro Elegantly Carved Effortless Quick Release Bridle with Reins

  • Unleash Your Riding Potential: The Perfect Bridle for Jumping and Eventing
  • Quick Change Convenience: Lined Crownpiece with Snaps
  • Style Meets Comfort: Wave Soft Lined Browband and Designer Stitched Raised Noseband
  • Experience Unparalleled Control with Soft & Strong Rubber Rein
  • Personalize Your Style: Choose Your Leather and Shade
  • Perfect Fit for Every Horse: Wide Range of Bridle Sizes


Item Code # 1000


Introducing the ExionPro Elegantly Carved Horse English Bridle, a true marvel in equestrian design. This exceptional bridle combines traditional elegance with innovative features, making it a top choice for riders who value both style and functionality.

The standout feature of this bridle is the quick-change snap-on crownpiece, which allows you to effortlessly fasten and unfasten the tack. No more struggling with buckles or wasting precious time before your ride. With the quick-change design, you can focus on what truly matters – your equestrian experience.

The crownpiece is thoughtfully lined with soft and cosy material, ensuring optimal comfort for your horse. The padded browband and noseband add an extra layer of luxury, making your horse feel pampered during every ride.

Step into the world of unmatched style and performance with the ExionPro Jumping Bridle. This bridle boasts a perfectly raised noseband and an anatomically shaped stitched browband, making it a true work of art.

Crafted with attention to detail, this jumping bridle exudes elegance in every stitch. The designer fancy stitching on the traditionally raised snaffle noseband adds a touch of sophistication that sets it apart from ordinary bridles.

Not only does this bridle look stunning, but it also delivers exceptional performance. The quick-release snaps attached to the crownpiece and cheekpiece allow for easy installation and fast changes. Say goodbye to time-consuming adjustments, and focus on enhancing your riding experience.

Give your horse the gift of comfort with the ExionPro Jumping Bridle. The soft and cosy lining on the crownpiece, browband, and noseband ensures a horse-friendly fit, minimizing stretch while providing maximum strength to the leather.

Worried about pinching or itching? Don't be. This bridle features a comfortable buckle guard, ensuring your horse's comfort at all times. The special polish and lacquer on the premium quality buckles add durability and longevity, ensuring your bridle stays in top-notch condition for years to come.

The soft yet robust rubber reins with martingale stoppers offer a comfortable grip, allowing you to maintain control with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brenda Wylie
Great for a small budget

My trainer has this same bridle and I love it. Bought it for my teen stepdaughter and she absolutely loves it.

Ashraf Abdallah
Great quality for the price

Nice bridle, good quality and great price. We just have to watch for the size, cob was too small for my horse who usually wears cob, so I had to get a horse size.

Emma Lozell
Great bridle

Very happy with the price and quality will shop again

Natascha Gates
Beautiful and well fitting bridle

Beautiful, well fitting, good quality. Love the quick release, makes it so easy to switch bits! I ordered a pretty bling brow band with it and it looks stunning!

Bonnie G.
Quick Release Bridle

The bridle quality was very good and fit my horse as expected. This is one of three bridles I have purchased and delivery was timely and shipping was free.


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