Royal Designer Transparent Red, Black Alternate linked U-Shaped Crystal Brow Band.

Oak Brown (Reddish Brown)
Havana (Choco Brown)
Conker (Tan Brown)

Royal Designer Transparent Red,Black Alternate linked U-Shaped Crystal Brow Band.

Item code # 18051;

Beautiful pattering of red & black alternate crystals. The alternate patterning is so created to give a contrast look .Appearance is great and will be center of attraction between the riders.

Crafted with elite quality Vegetable tanned drum dyed leather, which is the best and foremost used in the Asian sub continent and delivers smooth finish along with attractive looks for schooling purposes and show ring.

Each stitch is precisely sewn and counts up to 10 to 12 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton threads which are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.