Racer Rope Gouge with Four D-rings./ European Cow Leather

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Racer Rope Gouge with Four D-rings. European Cow Leather.

Item code # 308;

The Racer Rope Gouge is a training aid for horses that encourages the horse to work in self-carriage. The horse friendly Rope Gouge offer the horse freedom of movement in all directions. Snaps on each side of the rope make it easy to handle. The system is based on a pulley to keep a constant tension on both sides. Instead of exerting influence on the horse‰۪s tongue and jaw, they exert influence on the corners of the horse‰۪s mouth. This training aid helps bring the horse's head down whilst riding with only one pair of reins.

This gouge is adjustable on the chest strap, and with three D-rings towards the neck. The Bottom is well supported with Calf Leather Padding. Used for lunging and riding to get the horse to lower the neck and extend out over the line.

This is a very rich quality product crafted with elite quality European Cow Leather, which is the best and foremost used in the Asian continent and delivers smooth finish along with attractive looks for schooling purposes and show ring.

Soft padding is the most unique and distinct quality of this gouge. Due to soft & cozy padding on bottom strap, this gouge becomes animal friendly & above all, a comfortable buckle guard is provided to avoid any kind of pinching and itching to the animal and enhances the comfort level.

Each stitch is precisely sewn and counts up to 12 to 14 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton threads which are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of buckles for long lasting results.