Racer Padded Heart Shape Elastic Breast Plates with D-Rings./ Black Elastic with Grey & Maroon Lines.


Racer Padded Heart Shape Elastic Breast Plates with D-Rings. European Cow Leather. Black Elastic with Grey & Maroon Lines.

Item code # 300;

A breast Plates is one of the most important riding tack used in horses. It keeps the girth in sound position. Racer brings you most trendy and fashionable Breast Plates. Thoughtfully conceptualized breast Plates Black Elastic with Grey & Maroon Lines, leather amalgamated inserts at chest. The elasticity of the chest Plates ensures the ultra-comfortable fitting in squeezing as well as swelling states.

Soft padding on bottom strap eradicates the tension and avoids any kind of chafing on the shoulders, making it smooth for the animal and imparts better control and best experience to the rider.

Bottom Straps which articulate the said specimen to the girth, are fabricated with fine leather, so that comfort factor could be upgraded to the ultimate limit.

The running attachment on breast collar is adjustable with a number of holes on it and on chest strap. Snaps are provided on both end to attach with saddle.

This is a very rich quality product, specially prepared elite class European Cow leather is expended to crest magnificent and out standing product which marks it difference not only by leather employed but also by mind blowing workmanship.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of buckles for long lasting results.