Racer Net Braided Brow band & Drop Nose band Bridle with Reins./ European Cow Leather.

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Racer Net Braided Brow band & Drop Nose band Bridle with Reins. European Cow Leather.

Item code # 1049;

This Bridle has goldmine of appearance magnifying workmanship tools. Beautifully braided brow band along with drop noseband .Drop noseband  restrict the opening of the jaw to a greater extent, Back padding drop noseband increases the fitting and comfort while the horse is working hard. Anti-pressure head piece is also one of the remarkable quality of this bridle.

It alleviates pressure points across the horses poll by distributing pressure evenly over the head.This is a very rich quality product with perfectly raised nose and delicately shaped stitched brow, it stands as best option for those who look for ultimate style and matchless performance.

This is a very rich quality product crafted with elite quality European Cow Leather, employed to prepare this unique specimen of extraordinary workmanship which preserves high content of natural oil and sweat of the animal.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of Buckles for long lasting results.