Racer Five Point Padded Fur Breast Plates with Running Attachment./ Black Elastic with Grey & Maroon Lines.

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Racer Five Point Padded Fur Breast Plates with Running Attachment.European Cow Leather. Black Elastic with Grey & Maroon Lines.

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Racer brings you most trendy, fashionable and very technically crafted Special design breast Plates to hold horse from five points to increase the comfort and control of Ride and Mount.

The overarching objective of a breast Plates is to keep the saddle centered. All types of breast Plates attempt to do this function. A five point breast Plates will help user in keeping the girth more forward, preventing it from probability of slipping back. The 5 point design will naturally distribute the pressure over a larger area than a breast Plates with just a couple of points of contact. It could also be said that 5 point breast Plates don‰۪t put as much pressure on the tree of the saddle when the rider jump.

Use of original Sheep skin & elastic leather amalgamated inserts at chest. The elasticity of the chest Plates ensures the ultra-comfortable fitting in squeezing as well as swelling states and makes this breast Plates elegant choice for the riders how love style with better control and comfort. Multi Punches adjustment points ensure a perfect fit. Soft padded Monochrome style with Running Attachment makes it durable for show jumping.

This is a very rich quality product, specially prepared elite class European Cow leather is expended to create magnificent and out standing product which marks it difference not only by leather employed but also by mind blowing workmanship.

Each stitch is precisely sewn and counts up to 12 to 14 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton threads which are trimmed to impart clean and finished looks in order to retain optimum durability and beauty.

Smoothly finished and curved with special polish & lacquered on premium quality of buckles for long lasting results.

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