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ExionPro Designer Stitched Snaffle Noseband & Figure 8 Noseband Combo Bridle with Hunter Reins


    ExionPro Designer Stitched Snaffle Noseband & Figure 8 Noseband Combo Bridle with Hunter Reins

    • BRIDLE STYLE: Jumping Snaffle Bridle.
    • CROWNPIECE: Anatomic Shaped Soft Lined Mono Crown Piece.
    • BROWBAND & NOSEBAND: Designer Browband & Interchangeable Figure 8 & Jumping Flash Noseband Combo.
    • REINS: Leather Hunter Rein With Premium Quality Buckle.
    • CHOICE OF LEATHER: Vegetable Tanned Leather.
    • BRIDLE SIZE: Standard/Full.

    Item code # 1178

    Exclusive product from the house of Bridle & Reins, meticulously designer Fancy Stitched & raised on noseband & Browband with soft lined English bridles for horses with reins.

    ExionPro loves delighted customers and so when you purchase a bridle, you get a noseband combo with it. With this extra noseband, you can avail of the facility of two different styles of bridles. One of the nosebands is in show-jumping style, while the other is in figure 8 style.

     Bridles & Reins is the producer of excellent quality leather products for fine riding experience. The use of elite-quality leather makes this bridle and rein set a durable product at such a good price. This equestrian sport product has an SPI of 10 to 12 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton thread which doubles the material's strength.

    The set is tanned with vegetable waxes and tallow so it has a deep and consistent color and increased durability.

    This set has soft and supple calfskin on the flesh side which makes it a comfortable wear for a horse. A comfortable buckle guard on nose band & flash is provided to avoid any kind of pinching and itching sensation to the horse.

    The bridle is of high-quality leather which allows it to endure quite high loads time and again. 

    This set has seamless stitching with premium quality stainless steel buckles. It is a prime quality product with a mono crownpiece which releases pressure from the horse's neck.

    Soft & Supple Leather 5/8 Hunter reins will not move out from the comfort grip of the user's hands.

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