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ExionPro Fancy Stitched Jumping Leather Bridle with 5/8'’ Laced reins & Interchangeable Mexican Nose Band

ExionPro Fancy Stitched Jumping Leather Bridle with 5/8'’ Laced reins and Interchangeable Figure 8 Nose Band.

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Quality construction: Bridles & Reins is the producer of excellent quality leather products for fine riding experience. The use of elite quality leather makes this bridle and rein set a durable product at such a good price. This equestrian sport product has an SPI of 10 to 12 stitches per inch with heavy duty cotton thread which doubles the material's strength.

 Consistent color: The set is tanned with vegetable waxes and tallowso it has a deep and consistent color and increased durability.

This set has soft and supple calfskin on the flesh side which makes it a comfortable wear for a horse. A comfortable buckle guardon nose band & flash is provided to avoid any kind of pinching and itching sensation to the horse. The nose band is fixed flash attachment.

The bridle is of high-quality leather which allows it to endure quite high loads time and again. Excellent quality reins are crafted with tight, even stitched leather lace to give you a comfortable grip.

ExionPro loves delighted customers and so when you purchase a bridle, you get a nose band combo with it. With this extra nose band, you can avail of the facility of two different styles of bridles. One of the nose bands is in show-jumping style, while the other is in figure 8 style.

Design and care: This set has seamless stitching with premium quality stainless steel buckles. It is a prime quality product with 35 mm broad monochromatic headpiece which releases pressure from the horse's neck.

Supple yet Strong 16 mm Laced reins with Martingale stoppers will provide a comfort to the rider. The reins and nose band are detachable. 

Clean the leather parts individually. Thorough cleaning with saddle cloth & Oiling once every 5 uses will extend its life. Use pH neutral cleansers.

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