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ExionPro Contrast White, Red & Blue Color Web Cushion Leads.

Item code #  22009; ExionPro Contrast White, Red & Blue Coloured Web Cushion Leads.

A full of Strength and rich in material quality is inevitable for a rider when horses are being turned out, in transit, or being led by him.

This marvelous web lead from the house of ExionPro marks its specialty as STRONG and at the same time, it is magically soft, ultra-smooth for the hands of the handler while roaming or handling the animal. Soft, ultra smooth lead embedded with cushion webbing.

An extra feature of Leather coating on the stitching lock of the lead is provided which not only enhances the security factor but also provides an edge in the appearance.

Snap is of the high-quality brass which is again coated with richest quality nickel. The finishing is so smooth on an all so as everybody would love it. It comes with attractive packing which is best for keeping purposes.

This product says a STOP to all kinds of searches whether it is for high looks perfect show lead or it aims for strong & durable one.

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