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ExionPro Bling Leather Bridle, Contrast Padding & 4 Row Rubberized Reins & Interchangeable Figure 8 Nose Band

ExionPro Bling Leather Bridle, Contrast Padding & 4 Row Rubberized reins & Interchangeable Figure 8 Nose Band.


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Quality construction: Bridle & Reins is the producer of excellent quality leather products for fine riding experience. The uses of high-quality leather makes this bridle and rein set a great product at such a good price.

Consistent color: The set is tanned with waxes and tallow so it has a deep and consistent color and increased durability.
Comfortable, stylish and flexibleThis set has soft and supple calfskin Padding on the flesh side which makes it a comfortable wear for a horse. The bridle is of high-quality leather which allows it to endure quite high loads time and again. Also, the bridle has a contrast padding which enhances its looks.
Reins: The Rubberized reins are of right length so that the horse catches the slightest signal given by the rider.  Strong rubberized reins provide a comfortable grip to the rider.

Interchangeable Mexican Nose Band: Exion loves delighted customers and so when you purchase a bridle, you get a nose band combo with it. With this extra nose band, you can avail of the facility of two different styles of bridles. One of the nose bands is in English Snaffle jumping style, while the other is in Mexican style.

Design: This set has seamless stitching with premium quality stainless steel buckles
Care: Clean the leather parts individually. Thorough cleaning with saddle cloth & Oiling once every 5 uses will extend its life. Use pH neutral cleansers.

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