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Royal Sports has been dedicated towards product excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation with a view to provide richest quality Equestrian Products to its customers across the world. Our products are of such a stature that they are competent in meeting all the international market requirements and standards. The Company’s main arena of working is based on manufacturing & export of all horse articles & other similar products made from fabric & leather..Our prime aim is to offer the highest level of satisfaction to our well-known clients of repute via our superior quality products.We have the prime motive of maintaining quality standards at each production level so that we always have a winning edge over our competitors

Royal Sports, is one of the biggest saddlery products provider in INDIA , has been dedicated to produce fine quality and innovation with a view to provide best quality Equestrian goods to its customers worldwide.

At Bridles & Reins, riders from all over the world find the riding tack and horse accessories. We're proud and satisfied store to provide the top quality equestrian products riders want and need, from Bridles and Breastplates to Girths and horse accessories. Every item we incorporate has been picked and selected by experienced and knowledgeable workmanship - riders just like you who've tested the top horse gear to ensure customer get the best.

Riders of all experience levels choose Bridles and Reins because we are the premier destination for horse riding supplies. We carry a variety of products and accessories for horseback riding events. You’ll find Bridles and other tacks for dressage, jumping, eventing, and much more! 

Try to know why we are the premier horse tack destination in just few times. From riding tacks to other horse accessories, we have the equine supplies you need for every situation; you’ll be equipped for an enjoyable riding experience.
The Store is very wide and incorporates hundreds of richest quality tacks in different leather qualities. For the guidance about the sizes, easy and clear SIZE CHART has been provided through the link.
Every possible specification has been poured in the relevant web page. Try to explore more about the products you use and purchase.
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