Royal Pressed Grain Leather Black Top Carry Bag.


Royal Pressed Grain Leather Black Top Carry Bag.

Item code # LB16; 

Royal quality & official pattern leather bag from the house of Royal Sports. Classic genuine leather offers a premium,official and trendy look which is a matching virtue for all official people who do travel short journeys especially on official tours.

This top leather bag is crafted from top grain genuine leather and features a classical design of hand buckles to carry the bag.

The carry hand buckles along with their punches on the entire wall of the bag is of contrast brown leather which as a whole exhibits a decent and magnificent look.

The interior includes a center hollow position to accommodate all the commodities according to the traveller. Interior is stitched with soft surfaces.

An ideal match for professional people.

Dimensions of the bag are 45*24*27(L*B*H)