Placing a Cob size saddle or Girth on an extra big gigantic horse is not only a mistake but it could be fatal to rider. Fitting of the tack should be premium and mismatch of the tack in size can cause pain or itching or uneasiness to the horse in action.

As far as the selection of the best sizing tack is concerned, many e commerce websites and equine suppliers provide a size chart of almost all the tacks. One should be cautious enough to match the size of his horse with the tack purchased or selected for purchase. Ill fitting of any tack can cause an annoying experience to your riding partner. It could also irritate you while riding.

Before riding the animal, check that all the standard accessories of the horse and especially in those instances when somebody else has prepared the animal for it.

It would be pertinent to mention here that special observation should be put on the stress points or at the fastening points of the tacks. If something has been fastened a little more than that required it could create a sense of uneasiness to the horse especially at the girth end points. Please make sure that saddle has been the right size for the perfect seat.

Behavioural problem is the natural outcome of decorating horse with unfit size horse tacks.